Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's A New Year. Big Decisions.

Happy New Year! January ALWAYS tends to be the BEST teaching month EVER! The kids are more mature and are settled into the first grade routine. I'm refreshed after the Winter Break. They suck up all the information I am teaching like a sponge! This is also the time that my class changes due to the fact they are very transitional. (They move around a lot) I've lost 3 of my sweetest babies and have gained 1. It's so bittersweet because I get so darned attached. This is also the time when we start thinking about retentions. I have one little fellow in mind. Our system is not big on the idea of retaining "anyone" so it has to be for very good reasons. I think I have enough evidence to get this one little baby to be retained. Retention isn't always a negative thing. Sometimes it just makes sense and is right for the student. I retained one fellow last year and he is a straight A student and is a leader. How can that be a "bad" thing? But it is a difficult decision that I don't take lightly. What a difference one year can make!
That's my life as I know it......


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