Monday, June 27, 2011

New and Improved!

Hello Friends!
I have been toying with this blogging thingy for about a month now. My first attempts were very lame (this is one step above, but still lame compared to some of the blogs out there)and I have finally now come up with something I am a bit more comfortable with. There are so many decisions when creating a blog of your own. I wanted it to be a reflection of me and what I do. I feel this blog title pretty much sums up my work life. And I LOVE it! I Love the new title and I LOVE what I do! Blog stalking is my latest obsession and I have gotten SOOOOO many new ideas for my classroom next year from the tons of very creative teachers! My printer is going to explode when I start printing it all! This is how I plan on spending my summer: Teaching summer school and blog stalking......hmmm...LAME but it's my life as I know it right now!


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